Innovating corporate travel across all industries

IT Consultants

Information Technology consultants who often travel abroad on assignments need a comfortable and furnished apartment, as well as a home office.

Banking and Finance

Our quality apartments range from simple to the most luxury penthouses. Gone are the days of hotel, the new business class is apartment living


Pharmaceutical representatives need easy accommodation that allows them a good night sleep. Our fully serviced apartments keep employees fresh for their workdays.

Construction and Engineers

For construction professionals who have to travel far from home for projects. We offer tailored extended stay housing solutions for construction crews or individuals.

Oil, Gas and Energy

For oil, gas and energy companies who often send employees on international assignments. Our housing solutions are cost effective, and include all the comforts you request.


The perfect fit for doctors, traveling nurses, hospital employees or medical interns. Say hello to a new home that fits your demanding lifestyle.


Work-friendly homes, located near financial districts and public transportation hubs. Perfect for when you have to travel abroad for an audit or an extended consulting stay.

Aid and NGO

We have accommodation in remote locations with a high level of security aid workers and NGO executives.


Serviced apartments for film crews and entertainment industry workers. Choose from our designer range of unique apartments


For defense workers we offer high security and cost effective corporate housing and furnished apartments.


Homes close to airports and air bases allow for aviation workers to stay comfortably and efficiently.

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